Patient’s Experiences

Going through a kidney disease, moreover, the dialysis treatment, can be really scary,
especially for those who were newly diagnosed, as we understand that you don’t know if it’s
going to be painful or if you are going to be fine after the treatment. On the other hand, it is
very depressing for those who have been in dialysis treatment for years, and we sympathized, as you think that life has ended because of this disease.

Talk to us. Let Nephro Care team helps you clear all your worries. Share us your experience
and let us get through this phase of your life together.

Patient’s Experience

“ It was only when I turned yellow they referred me to the hospital with Acute Kidney Injury and septicemia. I stayed six weeks in hospital – they said I was lucky to live.

After getting kidney disease, there was, no adoption, no family life, no going back to work. Life came to a sudden and devastating stop. Our future, long planned, had gone, the landscape changed. Now there was bone weary fatigue for most of every day and, in the early days, frequent infections and visits to the hospital. For both of us, it was new and it was frightening. And it was “we” – both lives changed forever – the way we lived, our prospects, what we could do, how life felt. It is always as difficult for the carer as it is for the patient.

You want to say things but you don’t as there is no-one to talk to about how you feel and whether it is going to be ok.  After experiencing this myself I thought, why don’t I go and talk to others, talk to them and make sure they are not depressed or
confused like me? Since then it has been a motivation that became the mainspring of every other patient I have met”.